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2017 World Most Valuable Club: Manchester United Leads… See Barcelona, Madrid, Arsenal and Chelsea New Position

2017 World most Valuable/richest club in Europe Manchester United Crown World most Valuable Club base on Logistics 
Manchester United have overtaken Real Madrid to become the most valuable club in Europe, despite finishing sixth in the Premier League this season, according to a study by professional services firm KPMG.
The report, now it its second year, looked at the finances of the top 39 clubs in Europe based on their popularity on social media, revenues for 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons and success in European competitions.
Despite two relatively disappointing seasons on the pitch between 2014 and 2016, United’s value surged clear of Real Madrid and Barcelona last year, becoming the first club to break the 3billion euros (£2.7bn) mark for enterprise value.
United not only make more money than any other football club in the world, they also have nearly half a billion pounds of debt.
Bayern Munich remain in fourth place, while Manchester City edge past Arsenal to take fifth spot, both w…


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It  was  a  Saturday,  the  Sun  shone  brightly  on  Etyle  City  and  the  wind  blew softly making  the day  unbearably  hot  for those  working  directly  under  the  sun  and crowded  offices  but  cool  for  those  under  shades.  The  City  was  silent  as it  used  to be by  mid  day,  only  few  cars  and  pedestrians  were  seen  on  the  road. Amarachi  paid  the …

Osinbajo Signs Two Bills Into Law – To Ease Access To Loans

The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, on Tuesday, signed two bills – already passed by National Assembly – into law.

According to a statement by the Senior Special Assistant to the Acting President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Laolu Akande, the bills signed into law will ultimately facilitate access to more affordable credit for Nigerians.

The bills are the Secured Transactions in Movable Assets Act, 2017 (otherwise known as Collateral Registry Act) and the Credit Reporting Act, 2017.

“The Collateral Registry Act’ ensures that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria can register their movable assets such as motor vehicles, equipment and accounts receivable in the National Collateral Registry, and use same as collateral for accessing loans, the statement said.

“This, in turn, will increase their chances at accessing financing and tackle one of the major obstacles faced by MSMEs.”

The Credit Reporting Act provides for credit information sharing between Credit Bureaus and lenders (…

Two Days After Winning The German Cup, Borussia Dortmund Sacks Coach Thomas Tuchel

German Football club, Borussia Dortmund have sacked their cup-winning coach Thomas Tuchel.

The 43-year-old, who succeeded Jurgen Klopp at the club has only just led his team to win the German Cup last weekend, but his tenure has been cut short after reports of a strained relationship with the club’s board.

The official statement from the club reads;

We would like to thank Thomas Tuchel and his coaching staff for the sporting success they have brought to BVB, which reached a deserved climax last Saturday when the club beat Eintracht Frankfurt in the DFB Cup final in Berlin.

We wish Thomas Tuchel nothing but the best for his future professional endeavours. As an employer, Borussia Dortmund will not comment in detail on the reasons behind the separation, which is the result of a longer process and is supported by all the club committees. For the good of all parties involved, we ask for understanding for our wish that no conclusions be drawn on the basis of rumours or without any backgro…

BREAKTHROUGH! FUTA To Launch Satellite, Into Space On Thursday, 1st June 2017

The Federal University of Technology, Akure, announced on Tuesday that it would on Thursday launch a satellite into space in partnership with other local and international organisations and countries.

The university said the satellite belonged to Japan, Ghana, Mongolia, Nigeria and Bangladesh, and would be launched into Space from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA.

“It is the first ever university satellite to be launched in Nigeria,” a statement by the university stated.

Read full statement below:

The Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA, scientific prowess will get a big fillip on Thursday June 1st at 10.55pm (Nigerian time), when the SpaceX Falcon9 Rocket launches Birds 1 satellites, comprising 5 CubeSats belonging to Japan, Ghana, Mongolia, Nigeria and Bangladesh, into Space from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA.

The Nigerian CubeSat, code name NigeriaEdusat-1, is designed, built and owned by The Federal University of Technology Akure, FUTA, in collaboration with …

I Married As A Virgin At 33, My Marriage Crashed Within A Year – Popular Comedienne, Chigurl Opens Up

In a latest emotional interview with Kemi Adetiba, popular Nigerian comedienne, Chigul, has shared the never before heard story of her private life.

While speaking in an exclusive interview with Kemi Adetiba for “King Women”, Chioma Omeruah, popularly known as Chigul, opened up like never before on the story of her life.

In the emotional tell-it-all interview, the comedienne revealed how her marriage crashed just after one year, even though she married as a virgin, and how she discovered that her husband had a love child and her initial strained relationship with her mother.
Read some excerpts from the chat below;

“When my marriage fell apart, I felt like I failed at something and I had no where to learn. It fell apart and I didn’t wan’t it to fall apart. I felt like I disappointed my dad because we talked about it before he died. I felt like when I needed people for me then, no one was. No one was there and I wanted people to be there, I wanted to be able to go to my mum and cry and…

Coroner Finally Reveals What Killed Senator Isiaka Adeleke

The coroner in charge of the inquest constituted by the Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola to probe the cause of death of Senator Isiaka Adeleke, Olusegun Ayilara, has blamed the lawmakers death on drugs overdose.

Adeleke died on April 23, 2017. Ayilara, while giving his verdict on Tuesday ruled out poison as the cause of death.

He stated that no trace of poison was found in Adeleke’s system according to the autopsy and toxicologist reports. According to Ayilara, “The high dose of sedatives and analgesics with the mode of administration caused aspiration which culminated in death.”

The coroner which has been sitting for over three weeks had summoned 15 witnesses including nurse Alfred Aderibigbe who treated the late lawmaker before he died.

RAPED (by Olafimihan)


My body and soul is beyond broken
I had a lesson with a price
I still hold the truth that took me years to unfold
I am ready to speak cos I am weak.

I can't talk to anyone
No one understands No one believes me
No one feels my pain.

I wish you know the things I hold to
And I can't seem to let go of it
Cos no one hears me
No one cares.

Tears streams from my eye
Am overpowered by fear
I kept quiet for many years
The memories still haunt.

What the heck do I do
My voice keeps telling me no one cares
I can't shake that out
That my life.

I believe it my fault
For every rape and assault in my life
I can't get over it
I just have to open up

But a shame to you for hurting a girl
You thought u made me a victim
I am a *“survivor ”*


RAPE A SEXUAL VIOLENCE ( by official_dolly)

Rape A sexual violence
The term rape originates form a Latin word REPERE which means to grab, snatch or carry off. In the 14th century the term has come to mean to seize and take away by force. Medically, rape is an unlawful sexual activity usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly against the will of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age. In my own perspective rape is a form of sexual assault  against a person who is incapable of giving valid consent.
   As at now, rape happens to be the largest sexual violence inflating day by day. Victims of Rape get to suffer from unwanted pregnancies, STDs, deadly virus such as HIV/Aids which has caused them to fight psychological trauma a well educated psychologist can't fathom the solution. This act of violence has got me thinking, why don't we fight this injustice together instead of blaming the victim that is being abused of her act of carelessness.
Together we can fight against this act of injustice


                              This is going to be short and brief but very educating, most rape victims blame themselves for getting raped but it shouldn’t be so. The deed has been done although it seems hard/impossible to forget. The effects of rape to victims who blame themselves for getting raped is not good, it can lead insanity or even suicide at worst.                   Lets take a look at some of the effects on rape victims who blame themselves;
INSANITY: Like I said in my introduction rape vctims who blame themselves tends to go insane because they’ve failed to accept the fact that the deed has been done. This leads to too much of thinking which affects them psychologically thereby leading to insanity but if they accept the fact that the deed has been done such would not happen.
LACK OF EMOTIONS: rape victims that fail to get over it becomes uncaring and they're not emotionally attached to the opposite sex.  That's why you …


Mr Kiddah 👑: Good evening ma'am, how are you doing?

Evening sir, am good you?

Mr Kiddah 👑: Fine ma, can you introduce yourself to us formerly?

I am Adetokunbo Adeyemi popularly known as MzBrown..A 300level student of the Federal university of agriculture Abeokuta..

Mr Kiddah 👑: Wow nice name, tell us ma how did you come about the nick "mz brown"?

I would say I got it out of "passion"..I am a dancer (professionally)..I took after my mentor named "Patricia Brown"

Mr Kiddah 👑: Okay cool, from your own opinion and perspective can you please define rape for us?

Rape is a type of sexual assaults wch involves sexual intercourse or any other form of sexual penetration carried out against a person without d person's consent.

Mr Kiddah 👑: Wow what a beautiful definition, what's your own view about rape?

 I see rape as a threat to one's life..

Mr Kiddah 👑: Why did you say so?

In a situation where someone been raped, either the person is suffering from any…

[Poem] Sitting on the coast (By Larrypresh)

Sitting on the coast of the fence facing the north of my palms,
I saw the moon, lighting up the sky
I heard the sound of pain from the deep darkness that roll up the bush near the coast
The sound kept coming with more agony of pain
When I drew near to check what it could be
Thus it was a young lady battered  and weeping in pain
Drawn in a pool of her own blood
And when I asked her what actually happened
Slowly she answered , "I was raped... " I couldn't hear what she Wanted to say anymore
I felt so sorry that tears of affection was coming out of my eyes, I took her to the hospital for proper care
But thus before I got to the hospital she already loosed much blood and she could not survive it ...
She gave up the ghost after some minute and her soul went on an errand to take a rest in pain ....
The night covered her face and left no trace of her misfortune but the revenge was tough because it came from the Lord who takes revenge...
" Say no to rape"
Written by …

[Poem] Out of darkness (By Larrypresh)

Out of the darkness that covers the truth
My heart drawn in pain and my eyes filled with tears
I shouted for help because I couldn't take it anymore
Help! Help! Help...! But my voice went down slowly
After some couple of minute I was drawn in my own pool of  blood
At first I couldn't think about anything else but how to get out of what mess am into
But within a short period of time I ought to realize that I lost something so precious to me
Which is my virginity for it was a rape ...
I struggled to stand to my feet but to no avail
Until I had no strength in me anymore
What I could see next was me being laid on a bed and oxidized in a room
But I kept hearing a voice saying
"Why can't we say no to rape in this country,
Of what pleasure do they derive from this
Let conscience of What they had done rule their heart ..."
As I  heard those words, my heart was comforted that I had to say in my heart
"Say no to rape"
Larry Presh ( Adewunmi Olanrewaju)

[POEM] The unheard voices [By Wemimo]

Once so vicious and full of life

       Innocent smile brightened the world

       All you stole away in a moments notice with no accord

       Violated my body to the depth of my soul

       Just to get a piece of me

       You cared not about the terror

       Soon it was over,but a piece of me was dead

       I fear not wolves

       Wolves in sheep clothing I dread the most

       How long have you been planning this?

       Our Friendship you betrayed,just to have a taste of me

       My melancholic dark days

       Fades slowly into nights

       The nights are long and disconsolate

       Even in sleep no solace I find

       There is no end in sight to this ignited torture

       Hiding behind lovely smile

       No one will truly understand the lies I project

       I force a smile for the world to see

       Who am I?

       This I really can't tell

       I don't crave death

       I perished a long time ago          


       "THE UNHEARD…

Bruised [By Po3tiQue]


Threaded this path,with fear and doubt

With skepticism that my courage sieves
I passed the land where dark thoughts dwell

I walked with my eyes, my legs and ears
That secure my back: if sounds are close
as I envelop myself in white-gowned fright

My heart opted to leave my throat
After realising I was being followed by a lout
My legs were heavy, in fear I grope
I thought of screaming yet couldn't shout

Birds couldn't fly when I was laid in pains
I counted grieves in that broken night
My bruised future served me a plate of fear
As I feed my doubt With husk and gout
I moan in pains as he pierced my soul

                                  Used to satisfy
Someone's urge


Scars of yesterday [By Ikeoluwa]

Scars of Yesterday

In her faintest voice, I heard those words
Words that hurt, stories that touch
For to everyday comes a memory to live by, a date.
That date, even Lucifer can't change.
Like a wounded lion seeks flesh
She's unforgiving, self-defending and helplessly fierce.

The world celebrates the undefiled.
Defiled is her heart, deprived of her pride.
Her right to will, submission and conviction.
The friction assures her of no escapade.
Wails more as you lean on her hopeless fate.
A memory to live by, a date.
That date, even Lucifer can't change.

Bereaved is her affection, she speaks violence.
Leave the confession, all she seek is condolence
Written in her heart are sorrows of the act
Provide our strides and revive our pride.
Stay accursed you beast without repentance.
Long enough each time you strike beyond resistance

Like a pill for the diseased
A quarter of our quota is to,
Spread the word and save the world.
Save injured souls and wipe out wreckless folks…

Akcious - Mumcy Mie (prod. by sensebeat)

The Wait Is Over!!!


A smashing hit titled "MUMCY MIE" by AKCIOUS, produced by award winning producer "SENSEBEAT" , mixed by ace producer "EMMINCOOL" it's a sure bet tune.

 This track is specially done for his mum.

I'm sure  you all know what to expect, it's always gonna be dope.


[Article] Save the little ones by Tee_writes

In the world we live today, many of us see rape from different angles, different humans project the meaning of rape to mean different things but whether one definition is right or the other is not; I am not going to start preaching here. The fact still remains that rape encompasses all forms of sexually abusing someone without their full consent; like taking advantage of someone and using it to derive sexual pleasure for oneself. This days I see people trying to shy away from the fact that rape isn’t all about ladies alone, neither is rape attached too virgins; to be sincere in the world we live in today, males and females are victims of rape; even the young ones are not left out. The most painful thing here about these young ones is that they can’t even speak out and defend themselves; their right and virtue are being strangled by these rapists.
One thing we should note, is that; rape shouldn’t be based on only when the duo’s sexual organs (the rapist and the one…

I stand against rape (By Akinyemi)

Rape cases tends to occur in this our society,Cases where you hear
an Elderly person sexually assaulting a young fellow who doesn't
Even know anything just to eat play and sleep,and when they are
being asked why they did it some will say it was the devil's handwork,
Frustration,marital status,Situational problems,Psychological factors.

Considering the victim who is been assaulted. I feel so Hurt
When I tend to hear the aftermath of any one been brutalized.
Some may
decide they don't want to have anything to do with guys again and remain single
for life, while some even have psychological problems such as commiting suicide
Or Go mad..Some ladies tend to commit atrocities such as (murder,hatred and so on)
I don't really blame them for these because of the adverse effects this will have on them.

of a day robbers came to my house still remain fresh in my mind like it happened
Yesterday, So does a rape incident remain will forever remain fresh in thr victims

[Poem against rape] A little piece of me (by Adeleye)

You forced yourself on me, along with your touch.
I pleaded for you to stop, but you still wouldn't get off.
I closed my eyes tightly, wishing I were somewhere else.
Wishing someone had been here to help.
But I was on my own, with you as company.
You were supposed to have been taking care of me.
I guess in your own way, you did...
As a child, I figured I must've done something wrong to deserve this.
I must have misbehaved.
Or have said a nasty swear word,
To have been punished this way.
Since then, time has passed
But I can still feel your cold lips,
And the rough touch of your hands
Why did you do this to me, throughout all those years?
I wanted to cry when it happened,
But you didn't like tears.
So I held everything in,
While feeling so tainted inside.
I trusted you; I believed in you...
But I guess that didn't cross your mind
So what did you do?
You took my childhood away,
My innocence, my sense of security,
Just to get a little piece of me.


Though I can't change what happened, I can choose how to react. And I don't want to spend the rest of my life being bitter and locked up. Past the mission, I smell the roses"
-Tori Amos

After reading the collection of stories, I decided after awhile (a couple of months, actually) I would write mine and share it with you. This is not the first time I've shared my story, but this is the first time I've written it, so please bear with me. I'm guessing this is not an unusual story, however I feel I am helping myself as well as others by telling it.

It happened when I was 17. I was on spring vacation in my Junior year and I was spending my time at the beach with friends. One night, I was at a park with a friend. She and I were chatting away about the good old days when we didn't have any homework. It was around 8:00 p.m. when she had to go. We were staying at different hotels (there had been a mixup in reservations -- long story). We said goodbye and went our …

Good Move!! After YBNL Exit, Adekunle Gold Unveils New Band ‘The 79th Element’ (See Photos)

Nigerian alternative soul singer, Adekunle Kosoko popularly known as Adekunle Gold who confirmed that he has indeed left YBNL in an interview with Planet TV, has unveiled his official band ‘The 79th Element’ reportedly named after the atomic number of Gold. The band houses Micheal Bakare as its producer and music director, Oladele Afolabi handling the drums, Babatunde Alaba on percussion, Ojekunle Ayodeji on the keyboard, Owa Ayo on Base guitar, Femi Leye lead guitar, Kosoko Adekunbi and Aigbokhan Martins backing vocals. What are they up to? Whatever it is, we are surely ready to listen to good music in its ‘GOLDen form”. See more photos below:-



You raped her,
Yes! you did raped her
Oh! You think you weren't caught in the act, hence justified, but
Remember she cried out her heart
While you banged her so hard
And squeezed her like a trap does to a rat

Ah! She was so dried
She cried for help from the monster atop her
Who despises the pressure in her heart and saw the weird pleasure in its act
Yes it's act cos the monster is not a man
It's act, for the monster is a shame to nature

How come you forgot u have a sister whom u adore with all you have?
How come you forgot the did of posterity who judge according to our acts
How did you do it with all the tears she cried?
A monster u are and the devil learns from you.

What about your conscience?

*Consider you also have a sister and even a mother*

     May 2017

Broken (By HoyWrites)


Time to time,
I persuade her to comply,
To be mine,she refused bluntly,
Saying her heart belong to another,
It seem she will never be mine,
A taste won't hurt, i thought,
Just once, I will be swift.
I crafted my ploy carefully,
I pounced on her unexpectedly,
She was taken aback,
She pleaded, she screamed,
She cried, I heed not,
The pleasure was compared to no one.
The sweet ordeal I would never forget.
I am the VICTOR.

Time to Time,
I dissuaded you,
That I can never be yours,
Saying my heart lies in another's hand.
I refused , you plotted,
Terrified by your actions,
I pleaded, I screamed,
I cried, you heed not.
The pain was immeasurable.
The sour ordeal I would never forget.
I am the BROKEN.


RAPE IS PLUNDER (by SeyiEvans)

Dehumanizing as it is, I still hear of something called rape culture, where a particular society trivialize sexual violence. Does that even make sense? Rape is unjustifiable, no matter how non guilty the culprit justifies himself, making it seem normal and wanting to shift responsibility to the victim instead of the culprit.
Rape is plunder! It is abduction! It shouldn't even be in existence, but the society we are in now sees bizarre as normal, even jungle justice is not enough justice to be given to the culprit!
Should we talk about the emotional trauma it causes on the victim? the pain? both physically and psychologically? This absurd act of rape should stop. Yes,biologically they say we are higher animals,but should you then act as the actual animal in sense?! The male sex would want to argue that females do rape as well, but how many of that do we hear of? And the bad guys even try to put up excuses for the absurdity! No excuse at all is justifiable!!
 Some,especially the ig…

BROKEN POT (by Ruqqayah)


She thought he was
being a good Samaritan
when he showered her
with gifts and cash, not
knowing he had a mission
yet to be accomplished.

She got carried away,
keeping their meeting
and conversation away from
family and friends.
Thinking she is in
safe hands.

Oh! Pretty girl, a damsel.
All men want her but
she is too classy which
was termed arrogance.
His smile was captivating
which hide his destructive intention.

She thought her spouse
would be so lucky and
excited to have the most
pretty maidenhead as his bride.
But unknowing to her
it will be an unfulfilled desire.

Behold, the bloody day.
He grabbed her suddenly with
his palm over her mouth, preventing
her scream been heard. He was too strong beyond her strength. Her power
couldn't get him off her.

She cried fervently but to no avail.
He had his way into her and thrusted
harder. He succeeded taken away
her innocence, he has his way to
dent her dignity. Her pride became
shame, no one could trust her.

Her body is more d…

[Article] welcome Ramadan by Abiola- Bizboy

Purnishment for the glutton,
The cane for the sinner,
Blessing for mankind,
Period of forgiveness.

Your arrival!
Make all mouths keep mute,
Atrocities are forbidden.
Seasons for Satanic friendship,
Period when hunger gets angry,
And ask for his sacrifice.

The time when kids shout for food,
And mama says no morsel of moreish.
Are you merciful or heartless?
For twice you permit us to eat,
Midnight and evening.

Guilty am not; if I say you are good.
You; who prevent fornicators from their deeds.
You; an obstacle to promiscuity.

Guilty am not; if I say you are bad.
With your arrival my girlfriend I can not touch.
You; the cause of midnight chaos between pestle and mortar,
Are you mortal or immortal?

Fear you not!
For my bouncer will stand to obstruct.
If otherwise, I will be a timekeeper,
Who wait all days to say,
Welcome Ramadan!.

                                            M. Abiola- Bizboy.


Arising Our Consciousness Against Rape Recently, there are more cases of rape cases in the newspaper and around us. The number of rape cases that are always reported to the police per week is losing counts, and the question that comes to one's heart is that; "Is there an increase in the rate of rapes?" The answer to this question is not an affirmative yes because rape did exist in the past; however, there is little awareness or campaign against it. Moreover, the increase in the rate of rape stories in our dailies is because few years back, rape victims and their families counted it as shameful thing to report that their child was raped. But due to enlightenment nowadays, the orientation about reporting rape has changed. It should be noted that rape is more than male-on-female rape alone, we have female-on-female rape, male-on-male rape and female-on-male rape. Nevertheless, this article will be more focussed on male-on-female rape. Rape is an evil act Rape can be defined as …

HE DEFILED ME (by Kinsh)

I was a happy girl but he came around and took advantage.
He turned everything around.
Oh I can't forget
I can't forget the pain of the  penetration
The smell that came from his body
And his grind when he had his way
Vividly,I still remember the first day
I was age 10 sitting innocently on his lap
His hand slid under my skirt to my panties and d confused look on my face
I wondered what he was up to,
I wondered what he wanted
He too me to a long chair and removed my whole underwear
He whispered in my ear"don't scream,I promise ull enjoy it"
He took hold of me and put himself inside me
I cried out in pain
Begging 'Uncle stop'
He covered my mouth
He made his way
Made me promise not to tell my mom or anyone
I wish he stopped
I wish he didn't do it
He kept on with it till I stood up to him
Oh he was a devil
I wish my parents noticed
I wish they saw the fear in my eyes whenever he comes around
I was a shadow of my self but they didnt notice
Nightmares kept…



            Based on my own perspective, Rape can be said to mean the act of sexually abusing someone either male or female through physical assault and discomfort. According to a definition I came across online it defined Rape as “The abduction of woman or man for sexual purposes”. Younger people are at the highest risk of sexual violence (rape) , age 12-34 are at the highest while 65 and above are 92% less likely to get raped.

The following are some of the reasons why people rape and get raped;

SEXUAL URGE: sexual urge is simply said to mean the desire of a person wanting to have sex, Yoruba people call it “Konji”. Anyone with sexual urge can do and undo just to satisfy or eliminate the sexual urge, this is when someone rapes an individual regretting it after he had done the damage. The sexual urge pushes them to rape, my advice for people is that we should be careful and mindful of anyone with sexual urge and we should also try as much as possi…

The Biggest Secrets Men And Women In Their 20s Keep

Most of us have secrets. Some of them can be juicy and scandalous like a secret love affair worthy of a Lifetime movie, while others can be fun like a surprise birthday party you’re throwing for your significant other. Some secrets might get shared with a select few that you really trust, while others may stay with you until the day you die. But regardless of what kind of secret you’re keeping, new research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that just thinking about the secrets you’re keeping can be harmful to your relationships — and your overall health. Michael Slepian, an assistant professor of management at the Columbia Business School and colleagues conducted 10 different studies analyzing over 13,000 secrets and found the 38 most common secrets people keep. One of the more interesting finds of their study is the fact that people tend to think about their secrets more often than they have to. Secrets have a way of messing with you no matter how h…

UTME: Internet Failure, Lateness To Centres On First Day Of Exam

MIXED reactions trailed the first day of the 2017 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), which began on Saturday across 642 centres in the country, with internet failure as well as lateness to examination centres reported to have caused hitches to the exercise. The examination, which was written by more than 57,000 candidates in its opening day took place under tight security, with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) insisting that the exercise was smooth and peaceful nationwide. The JAMB Registrar, Professor Ishaq Oloyede, said there was no technological failure throughout the centres. “I have heard what is happening all over the country and we are pleased with what is happening. Technology is reliable; to have technology problem is an exception. What is normal is for technology to work very well and I think technology has worked properly. “When the other time, it malfunctioned we did not like it. That was an accident. Now we are enjoying the value of tec…