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Chapter nine Lizzy's face brightened up as she saw Dayo’s car move into one of the parking space, she quickly clean her face and made it look like she hadn’t been crying but it was still obvious as traces of tears were still seen on her face. Dayo rushed towards them as he came down from his car, he knew Lizzy would be angry so he decided to pretend like he came back for her,


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Chapter seven

Dayo dresses himself up as he prepares for the diner party, he picked up his phone then dialled Funmi’s number for the thirtieth time that day, he hadn’t been able to get through to her since she gave him the number, at some point he had thought that the number was wrong, “but how can it be a wrong number if the network operators are saying that its switched off “he thought, he just have to keep on trying, he had encouraged himself.
He was looking really cool in blue blazers and white T-shirt on a black jean as he parked his car in front of Lizzy's hostel, he was stopped on the way by her as he was about going into the hostel gate. “How do you know I am here?” he enquired, “You forgot that my window is BBC network, there is hardly anybody I can't see from there “they both laughed at her joke before heading for his car. Few minutes later, they were joined by Emeka and Daniel who had brought Emeka's car because Dayo requested him to.

Popular lammyjo unveils the official artwork for his single dropping this friday

Popular lammyjo the labooshi master is back with a new gbedu, jam of life set to drop this Friday.
     Get ready to be entertained and blessed with a nice and melodious tune like no other, in anticipation for this he decided to unveil the official artwork for the jam.
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ESCHEWED....By HoyWrite


O! Ye Boon Companion,
Why hath thou cast me out?
And resent my vitality,
As if it were vain.

Why hath thou shut out the aperture to your heart?
And erect a barricade around your core.
Why hath thou set down the bridge of our mutuality?
As if it were vain.

Thee abstained from me like a plague.
In the path of life I thread alone
Wandering like an outcast,
With no attentive ears to welcome my plights.
No warm arms to beckon to me in the coldest hours.

Thou hath became my world,
Now a world without you seem unbearable,
I am the ESCHEWED.


Akcious - Rap To Kill + Tonight

*#just like that....*

You know when he drops it everyone must listen and get hypnotized..
It's​ hot, fresh, and dripping..
Time to get turned with deep lyrical words.. lyrics that ministers to the soul and no other than the most talented rapper of our generation *Akcious.*with his two hot singles ...

 RAP TO KILL produced by MAZTASHEGS and TONIGHT produced by DONTY and Mixed by EMMINCOOL

Download Rap To Kill

Download Tonight


Chapter four

That really caught Dayo’s attention, he monitored how she writes for like 10minutes before whispering to her.
“Hello, I like the way you jot in your notebook "the girl looked at him then smiled as she said “thank you”.
Dayo saw her smile and decided to take advantage of that “it seems you are pretty good at this", he stated “yeah kind of she replied”, he was hoping she will offer to teach him but she didn’t say anything further, so he continued talking “I wouldn’t mind if you can explain it to me” she looked at him surprisingly “everything?” she asked , Dayo quickly interrupted her "No just from the third step down, I think I understand the first three". The girl didn’t respond, she still kept a straight face as she continued writing, Dayo felt bad, he can’t remember the last time a girl treated him that way, he was used to getting attention from them "can you take me through…” but the girl interrupted him before he could finish "I heard yo…

Basic Security Tips

*Public Service Information*

How to be safe from kidnapping as the trend is on the rise.

*_Please note, It's good to have a sense of security and safety._*

1. *Never use car stickers that says where you work*, especially if you have a prestigious job, don't let show off kill you.

2. *Avoid making your financial status public,* don't be the one that jumps to front of the church to make donations or the one pastor raves about.

3. When you attend parties, *don't let the band get you so high that you start spraying money* like no man's business, use an envelope.

4. *Don't be the one that tries to empty the ATM machine by making large withdrawals* ...You don't need 50k in your wallet to feel like a man.

5. *Always delete your bank transaction notifications,* especially really can memorize your bank balance....Shred ur POS/ATM receipts.

6. *Don't go jogging while it's dark,* you really should be smarter than that. If you can, get someone truste…


Chapter two He heard the sound as the water from the toilet was been flushed down, his panic increased because he knew his dad would be out any moment from that time, then an idea came to him, he picked up the pen and scrambled some numbers into a blank sheet of paper just to make it look like he was working. Dayo froze as the door to the toilet o

I_amTall Ft. Davido – If (Guitar Remix)

Off The New Guitar Therapy Collection By Osun State’s Most Commended Guitar Boy, I_amTall The Guitar Boy Comes This Amazing Showstopper, The Jazz/Guitar Variant To Davido’s Outline Topping Single “IF” Followed Number 5 On The Sophomore Collection Discharged In May.I_amTall Guitar Boy Otherwise Known As Wole The Tall Man, King Of Guitar And The Osun State University (Uniosun) Guitar Oracle Most Likely Is In The Class Of His Own However This Privilege Here Is Another Beast Exemplary From The Multi Capable Performer.

The Guitar Therapy Collection Upon Discharge Has Been Heard Thousands Over The State, School Worldwide And Keeping In Mind That Fans Keep On Enjoying The Super Pressed Assemblage Crosswise Over All Social Median Among Other Circulation Stages.



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