We were words apart
We lived in different worlds
We saw twice almost trice every week but never spoke
I never liked her she was too jovial for my liking

Who knew she would be my girlfriend and I'll be her gorgeous
Who knew she would be the one I call my bestie
Upon many things that has fallen out of place here we are together
After many years were still there with many more we call our squd

How we started I have no idea
Its like magical beings brought together
The friendship we share can not be compared
The moments we've shared its more than I could wish for

Fights,laughter,arguments,advice and oh the crazy moments we've had with the double "B"
Its not our fault we just kind of clicked
I can't explain how it happened and neither can they

And now here we are falling apart
Where is the love we all shared
Its no where to be seen neither is the care
Slowly we drifted "une" by "une" the spaces came

Like every relationship we had our elastic limit
Yes we meet ours,soo tragic u would think it would never end
But we did learn our lesson and improved
Yes I have them "crazy girls" am proud to call my SQUAD

By : Demidun