Over the past few years, one arguement that has been a major bone of contention is that which addresses the issue of white people calling black people NIGGA. Most black folks deem this one of the most engaging topics in the day-to-day interactions between the two colours involved.
One one hand,  black people(African Americans) feel that only fellow Blackman should be allowed to use the word NIGGA in whatsoever content it might be, and consider it racist and derogatory if a Whiteman uses the word.
It is considered sacrilegious if a white man uses the word in question, and the reason for this can be quoted to be the whole slavery Era that once plunged the black man underneath the white man's boot.  Itwas during this time that the would be African American who were then slaves formed the bonds that enabled them to live out their lives in a most undignified manner.  However, these bonds also became the foundations for the black community in the Americas.
Fast forward to a couple decades after slavery has been abolished, words take on new meaning or idea. It's quite surprising how 'Nigga'which is considered an offensive word is now being used with pride among the youths of our age . One might consider oneself lucky if addressed as a nigga. It shows a kind of cool and close relationship between the parties involved. This does not apply when a white man calls a black man nigga.

 After countless years of being abused on almost all inhumane levels by the Whiteman,  the black community finally adopts the insulting and derogatory term that has plagued them for years on end and made but a cultural heritage. It has gotten to the point where a fellow black man Is free to use the famed word but is an abomination for a white man to do so. No matter how accepted you might be in the black community,  using the word is most unacceptable.  In the known history of rap music.  Only one white artist has been accepted with open arms into the black community.

And so it was a source of much intrigue and drama when Kendrick Lamar had a performance where he asked a white girl to come on stage and rap with him. At the mention of the word 'nigga'which is actually a part of the song being rapped,  the music was stopped and everybody was reminded of one not the most fundamental rules of the black community

One might think it's high time to forgot the past and move on, the truth is memories aren't easily forgotten.

The question is does the white mam have the right to call the black man nigga?