We are replaceable.
We all are just a choice. 
Every human can be replaced one way or the other either by friends, colleagues, family etc. It is high time we all stop feeling ourselves. Each and every individual on planet earth is replaceable.
People are putting up with you now not because they have to, but because they want to. It is said that people change when they meet up with new people. People won't keep choosing you over their happiness &peace. You are just a choice.
        Everyone who feels they are a pillar that holds something upright and thinks they can't be replaced should change their sentiment. Girls who think they can't be replaced and are so full of themselves,should please wise up and vice versa.
This is also part of what makes us humans. At work,school,church,mosque, even among those dear to us, we can be replaced in one way or the other.
For instance, someone who excels in all he does, once made a single mistake and he was judged badly, criticized, bad mouthed by who those who use to praise him. They did not hesitate to replace him with someone whom they feel is better.
A person who makes a mistake for the first time in 5years of hard work can be sacked without a second thought. Likewise someone who does all the work, once the person is gone(death),he will surely be replaced by some other person. Even in a group of friends, once the others notice a change of behaviour they are not cool with from your side, they will start looking for a way to abjure you.
        In other words, we all should stop feeling ourselves and stop being arrogant most especially.
We can all be replaced. Even though the memories created with the people we once had can't be replaced, but trust me new memories are created with the new people we meet.
We all should change our perceptions on being irreplaceable.

Written by; Fadare Oluwabusayo(M'zZ Bussy).