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CHAPTER TWO "How do I  look?  "  Amarachi  asked  Ini,  posing  in  front  of  a  mirror. "You  look sweet  hun,  you  don't  even  need  to talk  too  much,  seeing  you  alone  would make the manager give  you  the  job." "Hahahaha,  come  on  stop  flattering  me" "I'm  saying  the  truth  babe,  you  can't  be  denied  the  job" "I  hope  so" "Please  let's  go now,  so  we  can  beat  the  traffic,  you  know" Both  girls  laughed  as they  left the house  and  got  into Ini's  Honda  car. Amarachi  looked  indescribably  beautiful  in  her  dark  blue  trouser  suits;  she  had  a pretty  round  face  and  a  fair complexion,  one  that  would  make  guys always take  a second  and  long  look at  her.  When  she  smiled,  she  revealed  a  nice  set  of  tooth  and dimples  on  her  cheeks.  She  had  a  blonde  like  hair which  made  people  conclude  that she  narrowly  escaped  being  an  Albin…

RAPED (by Olafimihan)


My body and soul is beyond broken
I had a lesson with a price
I still hold the truth that took me years to unfold
I am ready to speak cos I am weak.

I can't talk to anyone
No one understands No one believes me
No one feels my pain.

I wish you know the things I hold to
And I can't seem to let go of it
Cos no one hears me
No one cares.

Tears streams from my eye
Am overpowered by fear
I kept quiet for many years
The memories still haunt.

What the heck do I do
My voice keeps telling me no one cares
I can't shake that out
That my life.

I believe it my fault
For every rape and assault in my life
I can't get over it
I just have to open up

But a shame to you for hurting a girl
You thought u made me a victim
I am a *“survivor ”*