8 Ways To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Hacking of account can hurt in many ways, most especially lately when social media is something every human make use of Facebook for example, a platform with billions of user around the world are commonly hacked now a days like it is nothing which makes it very important to protect ones social media account most especially Facebook from hackers. 

Facebook which is founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February, 2004 is a social networking site which brings together friends and loved ones especially those that are in distant places. There are several other things Facebook helps us with, you can get to know someone on Facebook through the person's  Facebook information, you can send messages to people across the continent etc.

You can also use Facebook for your business or marketing especially if you have many followers or friends and this is where hackers tends to go that is people with large Facebook fans, followers or friends and if you have such you should be protecting your account extensively from these hackers.

The best and working ways to protect your Facebook account from hackers.

There are many ways to secure your Facebook account from hackers but I will be listing the very best  and confirmed working ways to have your account protected or secured.

  • Create Strong Password

It is recommended to create a very strong password for your Facebook account, some people will use a very easy word for their password like for example "purity, Mayor85 etc but these passwords are very easy to detect and for me i stay clear from English words likely for me i might use akimkpi55#%£ and this password is very strong. So you can use your mother tongue as your password not just an English word or worse a simple English word.

  • Activate Login Approvals

In Facebook login approvals is an extended security feature and it will require you to enter a security code each time you try to access your Facebook account from unrecognized devices. So to activate Login Approvals, go to Account Settings > Security, look for Code Generator and click on the Edit button and setup the ways to get codes for login.

  • Confirm Your Mobile Number

Confirm your mobile number in your Facebook account. This will help you to reset your password when you lost it. And you will also get the notification about the change of password in your mobile.

  • Social Engineering Attacks

This could involve any trick that could fool you into giving out your personal details and also from your security questions in general discussion to emails that could be a spam or somebody from Facebook requesting you to change your personal Facebook details. These all are spam emails Be aware of these emails.

Also to prevent yourself from being fooled in such tricks stay cautious all the time and also keep security question to which answers would remain restrained to you only. Facebook will never ask you to change the password so all the related emails can fool you and your Facebook account can be in danger.

  • Disconnect Previous Active Sessions

Facebook provides a very helpful feature to track active sessions. You can see that by going  Account Settings > Security page, look for ‘When You Have logged in‘ and  kill all the unusual activities from this. This will log out your Facebook account from that devices which you have killed.

  • Don’t Keep Me Logged In

When you are at the login screen of Facebook there you see an option Keep Me Logged In, Don’t keep it check as this will remain your account logged in that device and your account can be easily accessed by any other who is able to use the device, so also, remember the option Keep Me Logged In to be unticked each time you log in.

  • Phishing Attacks

These are more common attacks by hackers to a user. In this attack hacker sends a link to a user and the link will open the exactly same looking Facebook page but the only difference is that when you enter you Facebook ID and password that will not go to Facebook it will be sent to the hacker. So don’t open such links.

  • Incognito

When you are using the account in public such as in the hotel or in café use private mode or Incognito as it will prevent any cookies or web history from getting stored. But if you do not find any option then delete all the cookies and web history when you log out. Even when on mobile, cause some mobile browsers  offer this feature like Firefox or Google

These are the best ways to keep your Facebook account protected and secured from hackers, though there are other methods they might be using to hack people’s account but always endeavor to use these 8 best Facebook method to secure your account from hackers. If you have other methods which I didn't state here please kindly share with us.