How to get and use 9mobile Cliq4DNite Bonus In Nigeria

 9mobile one of the best networks in Nigeria recently revealed Cliq4DNite bonus for each of their customers on  MoreCliq tariff plan who recharge regularly. The tariff offers Cliq4DNite data bonus, useful as a perfect night plan which works from 12:00 AM till 5:00 AM.

The worry for people to get a perfect data plan to use finally got better ever since the existence of this data bonus, especially when there is some data left on your SIM. 

However, this article isnt just to make you know about what etisalat 9mobile cliq4fnite plan is about, it will also also teach you the possible best way to make use of the Cliq4DNite data even when you have some data left without being touched first when browsing the internet.

    Here is a trick on how to get Etisalat 9mobile cliq4dnite bonus

    • To migrate to 9mobile MoreCliq, dial *244*1#.
    • To Subscribe to 9Mobile monthly subscription for N500, dialing*229*2*12#.

    Here is a trick on how to enjoy Etisalat 9mobile cliq4dnite bonus in Nigeria

    • When it gets to 12:00 AM in the night, go to your Phone settings and then tap on Mobile network/cellular network.
    • Then Locate APN Settings and choose 9mobile Access Point Names.
    • Go ahead now and fill this in the “Proxy” insert mtnonline.com and save without touching other settings.
    • Go back and connect. It will not touch your main data since you have the 9mobile Cliq4DNite bonus data. Enjoy yaself now.

    What you then gain from this settings trick is that, when your bonus is exhausted, the data will pause, so then, you can set your APN settings back to default so it can start making use of your main data balance.